A high quality of life, accessible public amenities and a growing economy continue to attract new residents to San Francisco. One implication of this growth has been a rise in the cost of housing. This unprecedented housing affordability crisis disproportionately affects our most vulnerable communities, including low- and middle-income households and communities of color.

San Francisco Planning has several initiatives and programs designed to protect and expand our affordable housing stock, encourage higher levels of affordability in new housing developments, and minimize displacement of vulnerable residents and businesses. By planning proactively for a wide range of plentiful housing choices, we aim to ensure San Francisco remains an inclusive community with economic sustainability, diversity, and high quality of life.

Housing Policy and Strategies

2022 Housing Element

New Project

The 2022 Housing Element is an ongoing policy effort that will shape the future of housing in San Francisco. These policies will address the City’s housing needs in terms of adequacy, affordability, racial and social equity, environmental justice, design, resiliency, and livability.

Community Stabilization

The Community Stabilization project is an inter-agency effort to provide City agencies, decision-makers and the public the comprehensive analysis and tools they need to make strategic decisions to stabilize vulnerable populations as San Francisco changes.

Housing Affordability Strategies

The Housing Affordability Strategies will help City staff, policymakers, and the public evaluate how our housing policies and plans work together to address housing affordability for our diverse population.