Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) Letters and Intake Reports

About PPAs

The Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) is an initial process that evaluates moderate to large projects before development applications are filed. A PPA is required for the following project types:
  • Creation of 10 or more dwelling units;
  • Creation or expansion of any Group Housing use; and/or
  • Construction of a new non-residential building or addition of 10,000 square feet or more.
San Francisco Planning may also request a PPA review for other complex projects.
PPA Letters and Intake Reports

The Department issues a PPA response letter to project sponsors within 60-days of submitting a completed PPA application. The issuance of a PPA letter is not a development approval or denial. Instead, it is an early review of the project which provides sponsors with feedback, procedural instructions, and allows staff to coordinate at the beginning in the development process. See also PPA Letters Archive.

Intake reports are posted monthly to indicate applications under review.